We keep the latest revisions of our manuals, MSDS, and reference sheets on this page.

100MC100MC Red Cart Assembly InstructionsMarch 2016
125WFG125 Amp MIG WelderMarch 2016
135WFG135 Amp MIG WelderMarch 2016
175WFG175 Amp MIG WelderMarch 2016
250WFG250 Amp MIG WelderMarch 2016
500G and 100G500G and 100G InstructionsMay 2018
5010050100 Instruction ManualMay 2018
5020050200 Instruction ManualDecember 2018
50G50G Instruction ManualMay 2018
AC300300 Amp AC ARC WelderMarch 2016
ACDC300/200300 Amp AC/DC ARC WelderMarch 2016
AFA/AFPAFA-1, AFA-2, and AFP-1 Air Fuel Torch KitsMarch 2016
ARC100100 Amp DC ARC WelderMarch 2016
ARC200200 Amp DC ARC WelderMarch 2016
GTORCHPropane Garden Torch InstructionsMarch 2016
HM20002000 Watt Portable GeneratorMarch 2016
HM35003500 Watt Portable GeneratorMarch 2016
HM65006500 Watt Portable GeneratorMarch 2016
HM80008000 Watt Portable GeneratorMarch 2016
HTK-MDMedium Duty Harris Style Torch KitMarch 2016
MM-1MM-1 Mobile Max ManualAugust 2018
PL-2525 Amp Plasma CutterMarch 2016
PL-4040 Amp Plasma CutterMarch 2016
PW20002000 PSI Pressure WasherMarch 2016
PW30003000 PSI Pressure WasherMarch 2016
PW36003600 PSI Pressure WasherMarch 2016
SPGSpool Gun for Hot Max WeldersMarch 2016
VH-1Medium Duty Victor Style Torch KitMarch 2019
VHD-1Heavy Duty Victor Style Torch KitMarch 2019
VTK-HD-AHeavy Duty Victor Style Deluxe Torch KitMarch 2016
VTK-HD-BHeavy Duty Victor Style Basic Torch KitMarch 2016
VTK-MDMedium Duty Victor Style Torch KitMarch 2016
VTK-P1Medium Duty Victor Style Torch KitMarch 2016
WC100Welding/Plasma Cart InstructionsMarch 2016
WP2012" Water PumpMarch 2016
WP303" Water PumpMarch 2016
WP30TP3" Trash PumpMarch 2016
WP404" Water PumpMarch 2016
Aluminum MIG And TIG Wire MSDSMay 2006
Bronze Alloy Brazing Rods MSDSMay 2006
Lead Free Solder MSDSJan. 2010
Mild Steel Brazing Rods MSDS
Nickel Alloy ARC Electrodes MSDSMay 2006
Paint Markers MSDSSept.2011
Rosin Flux Core Solder MSDSDec. 2010
Solid Wire Solder MSDSDec. 2010
Stainless Steel MIG And TIG Wire MSDSMay 2006
2300023000 Anti Spatter MSDSOct. 2013
2311023110 Nozzle Gel MSDSOct. 2013
2400024000 Brazing Flux Powder MSDSMay 2009
2416324163 Soft Silver Solder MSDSJan. 2010
2417124171 Soldering Paste FluxJan. 2014
2418524185 Aluminum Zinc Brazing Rod MSDS
2418624186 Copper Brass Brazing Rod MSDS
2700027000 Spray Galv MSDSMar. 2012
E4043Aluminum E4043 ARC Electrodes MSDSMay 2006
ANSI Z49.1-2005July 2005
OSHA 29cfr1910
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